Hunter Valley Crowne Plaza Wedding

Hunter Valley Crowne Plaza Wedding

The Hunter Valley Crowne Plaza is a perfect venue for beautiful weddings. It has everything, great food and hospitality, plenty of beautiful architectural features and ian incredible vineyard! The most incredible thing that the hall at which the ceremony took place has beautiful lighting built in! Most wedding venues, including those are purpose built for weddings usually have bad lighting which usually is down facing halogen lights, but this one even had focusable spotlights. How good is that!  All I had to do was ask the event co-ordinator from the hotel if we could focus those lights on the stage, she immediately asked the electrician and I had perfect lighting to photograph the ceremony. The event team at the Crowne Plaza deserve a big thank you.

Over the last 10 years I’ve had the honour of  photographing weddings from many cultures and there are still some that I had never experienced before. This was my first time photographing a Parsi wedding which was an incredible opportunity to experience wedding of one of the most ancient cultures. I did read about what to expect before the wedding day and it was a great experience as the rituals and traditions were completely different from most other weddings I have seen and photographed till date.

I mostly captured the day as a photojournalist and we did get some fun and romantic bride and groom shots at the beautiful vineyards of the Crowne Plaza. We even had a Kangaroo spying on us from a reasonable distance.

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